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LexX is an intelligent assistant for maintenance technicians. This platform leverages a unique combination of the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to deliver technical knowledge and advanced troubleshooting capabilities together to the fingertips of the technician.

Introducing the 

Lex   Platform





Providing a natural language interface to Systems of Record (ERP, Maintenance and Document Management)

Utilising any device (phones, tablets, etc.) to provide solutions at the right time and place

Intelligently learns from asset behaviour and technician behaviour

Guiding and instructing the technician, enabling rapid fault resolution 

Lex   brings Digital Innovation to Maintenance 



There is currently no existing system that works to intelligently serve the needs of technicians.



LexX is created in the Digital age, for the Digital age, purely for Maintenance Operations

"...Machine Learning can go through the records of a fleet and all its repairs by those 55-year-old veteran mechanics... Jetstar is working with a firm, LexX Technologies, on the approach. Harris says it may eventually not only speed repairs, but predict cancellations and delays, helping operation planners to deal with these incidents."

Mike Harris, Manager Engineering Technology and Innovation 

“There is a looming shortage of aircraft mechanics as senior mechanics with their accumulated expertise retire. A lot of deep understanding of aircraft systems will disappear...We are working with LexX Technologies to offset this problem”

EnergyAustralia Technician

“Lets you find the fault and make the decision straight away” 

Krishna Navalpakkam, Global Strategy

“LexX is addressing a critical challenge that the global industrial sector faces amidst a paradigm shift in workforce demographics and dynamics”

Tom Barrio, CEO Montebello Bus Lines

"You're selling the future of maintenance"



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News at Lex


LexX Technologies are excited to share that we have been chosen as one of the top participants in EDP's Starter Program. We will be attending the Lisbon Web Summit in November.

The Second Aspect of Maintenance 4.0: Interconnectivity

Read our most recent blog on the design philosophy behind LexX: Maintenance 4.0. This article details Interconnectivity and how it is the backbone to the system that allows everything to interact and cooperate.

LexX Attends the World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi

Earlier in September, LexX Technologies attended the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. LexX were previously chosen by Start Up Energy Transition as one of their 'Top 100 International Startups of 2019' and so attended the event as a representative of the SET Top 100.

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