“There is a looming shortage of aircraft mechanics as senior mechanics with their accumulated expertise retire. A lot of deep understanding of aircraft systems will disappear. And these days, if young people cannot find something with Google, they struggle...We are working with LexX Technologies to offset this problem”


Mike Harris, Manager Engineering Technology and Innovation

“Even though we have the ToughBooks, the search for documents is still very complex. A system like LexX makes our lives much easier”


Terry Baily | C130J Aircraft Coordinator, AGAP

“…it may help us reduce the TAT of providing technical solution by 15 minutes. This number is quite significant if the solution is for minimizing operational disruption”


Etihad Engineering Executive

“Lets you find the fault and make the decision straight away”


EnergyAustralia Technician

“LexX is addressing a critical challenge that the global industrial sector faces amidst a paradigm shift in workforce demographics and dynamics”


Krishna Navalpakkam | Global Strategy



“You're selling the future of Maintenance”


Tom Barrio | CEO

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