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Lex  Defence


Lex   | An Intelligent Digital Colleague for Technicians


Provides a natural language interface all relevant in-house systems (eg., ERP, Maintenance and Doc Management) so as to extend and enhance their capabilities

Utilises any device (phones, tablets, etc.) to provide solutions at the right time and place

Is a digital intelligent system that learns from: 

Aircraft behaviour 

Technician behaviour

Organisational data

Maintenance "Lessons Learned"

Guides the technician at all stages the maintenance process, providing advanced troubleshooting capabilities

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Download our full 'LexX Defence Introduction Deck' below

For Defence operators, it is vital to optimise the availability and efficiency of Defence critical assets

Asset unserviceability results in:


Assets Non-Operational

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National Security


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Lack of Mission


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Delays and Cancellations

Why Does This Happen?

Assets are out of service because...

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Our vision is to transform operations and maintenance for our Defence Clients by empowering every technician every day

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How Our Technology Can Be Used

LexX can be used in the following maintenance areas: 

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Planned, preventive and breakdown maintenance; 


Performance diagnostics and analysis; 


Compliance & reporting; 


Issue and problem management; 


Asset life cycle management; 


Training and simulation; 


And publication management



…and even more

The user interface is customised around individual Client requirements and processes

Lex   Products


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LexX’s foundational product, xAssist guides the technician at all stages of the maintenance process, providing intelligent troubleshooting capabilities. Configurable for Client need or specific maintenance use-cases (i.e. fault management, parts lookup)

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Bring the team together for contextual help, advice, or approval. xTeam provides technicians with direct access to all personnel in their ecosystem

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Configurable dashboards for performance management and reliability engineering user groups 

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Tools that empower the technician, such as automation for repetitive tasks (i.e., estimation, image recognition, drone images)

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Improved availability and efficiency of Defence critical assets

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Enables knowledge management and retention

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Reduced Mean Time to Repair, greater workforce capacity, increased Asset Availability and Mission Readiness

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Empowers modern day Defence personnel with a modern age technology

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Improved data integrity for forecasting, planning, and Technician support

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Reduces risk of maintenance errors