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LexX Chosen for Schneider Electric’s Bold Ideas Challenge

LexX Technologies have been chosen to compete in Schneider Electric’s Bold Idea Challenge (APAC Edition).

They have been chosen as one of ten organisations who will compete at the Innovation Summit in Singapore, where they will pitch their intelligent platform for maintenance, LexX.

This Innovation Summit, run by Schneider Electric, is an event where audiences can meet and hear from world-leading entrepreneurs, executives, and industry leaders, as they explore, discuss, and create new opportunities for powering and digitizing the economy. It will take place on 20th and 21st September, 2018, in Singapore.

The Bold Idea Challenge, which is also run by Schneider, taking place during the Innovation Summit, is all about seeking the most innovative and promising startups in APAC to start collaborations with. Schneider will also offer awards to the top startups in their categories.

LexX is honoured to be chosen for this event, and excited to be able to share their innovative technology with a wider audience.

Make sure to follow LexX Technologies on social media to keep up to date about the event and challenge!

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