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LexX Completes Pilot at EDP Wind Farm

Lexx Technologies was the winner of EDP’s Global Innovation Award in 2019, held at the Lisbon Web Summit.

From this, a 12-week Pilot commenced with their Renewables branch in North America to validate a set of field troubleshooting and performance management objectives, ahead of wider deployment.

This Pilot took place at the EDPR’s Wind Farm located in Illinois.

We are excited to share the positive results with our LexX audience, including some key findings:

  • There was strong engagement from technicians; LexX empowered and reduced the workload of lead technicians
  • We demonstrated that LexX can link troubleshooting and performance analysis
  • Autocorrect and auto-classification returned high accuracy, with some results better than human interpretations
  • LexX provided a single searchable interface to disconnected datasets linked to faults and turbines
  • LexX’s learning feature enabled better capture of turbine behaviour and technician behaviour

Overall, we are incredibly happy with the results of the Pilot and we look forward to the larger full deployment which is already underway!

Written by

Bryan Rutter

Business Development Executive at LexX Technologies

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