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LexX Participates in DEMOvation Challenge in Germany!

At the beginning of February, LexX CEO, Anant Sahay, travelled across the world to attend Cargo Fact’s EMEA Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Cargo Facts EMEA is a place for the most innovative ideas in airfreight technology, with the key focus of this year’s event being the exploration of air freight issues through the lens of emerging technology and innovation.

As part of the conference, 6 organisations were chosen to be involved in the DEMOvation Challenge, which aimed to offer unique demonstrations of innovative aviation and logistics technology to an enthusiastic audience of industry professionals. LexX Technologies was chosen as one of these 6 companies and so we had the opportunity to deliver a pitch in front of this very engaged audience.

The conference itself was also a place for lively discussion, presentation and interest in digital innovation. There were a number of keynote speakers talking about the future possibilities of cargo and airfreighters, and how this future could involve new technologies.

Part of the benefit of our LexX platform is to bring optimisation and efficiency to maintenance operations utilising the latest technologies, as such, we believe that air cargo is an industry where LexX could have substantial impact. Including addressing how to harvest data more efficiently, growing process complexity, and rising costs.

The conference ended with a grand dinner, where attendees continued their discussions well into the night.

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