Lex   | An Intelligent Assistant for Technicians


Provides a natural language interface to systems of record 

Utilises any device (phones, tablets, etc.) to provide solutions at the right time and place

Is an intelligent system that learns from: 

Asset behaviour 

Technician behaviour

Organisational data

Guides and instructs the Technician, enabling rapid fault isolation

How Does our Technology Work?

Lex   leverages a combination of the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing 
It works by:

Ingesting all technical information (handwritten and digital) and structures the data in a unique manner to facilitate the AI and NLP capabilities of LexX

This information is used to provide solutions and guide the engineer through Natural Language interaction

LexX utilises AI and Machine Learning to learn over time from your organisational data, technician interaction and utility plant behaviour, so that troubleshooting is continuously refined

Automated ingestion of technical documentation
Digitisation of handwritten documentation (OCR)
Intelligent access to structured storage of documentation

Lex   Innovation Features


Image Processing for parts recognition
Machine Learning from asset and user behaviour
Open source structure allows easy integration with other systems
Natural Language Processing through Chatbot-like interactions
User-friendly Interface that’s intuitive and easy to use
Augmented Reality and IoT technologies (the future of LexX)

Lex   is not a typical Maintenance Management system...


...it is so much more

The similarity between a classical search engine and LexX ends with KWIC (Keyword In Context). The main difference is that LexX provides active information from within the documents. This is unlike a classical search engine, which passively presents the documents for further gleaning of information by reading and analysing the content of the documents.

Further, LexX learns from the behaviour of the technician and the asset to provide continually refined recommendations, while still retaining the expertise of the technician.

Created in the Digital age, for the Digital age, purely for Maintenance Operations

The Lex   Roadmap


With Maintenance 4.0

Maintenance 4.0 aligns to the global movement, known as Industrie 4.0, and will revolutionise maintenance operations around complex equipment by use of new and emerging technologies, new philosophies and the move to a fully digital world.

Watch our video

To view the LexX Transit Platform Demo

LexX for Pump Maintenance

Now Available on Schneider Exchange!

An exclusive version of LexX for Pump Maintenance is now available on the Schneider Electric Exchange. 

LexX already has ingested a vast number of manuals for Pump Asset Classes and these are available via the site.

In a typical fault isolation scenario for Pump Maintenance, a technician would use personal experience, ad-hoc investigation, manually seeking out information from many documents and assistance from other staff to isolate a problem. However, with LexX providing intelligent fault isolation flow and guidance, a technician can be more efficiently directed to the problem and solution in an instant. 


‘’Great to have all the info at your fingertips, so you can create a plan of attack." (EnergyAustralia Technician)


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