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New Branding: Welcome to LexX Technologies!

Over the past few months we have had a great deal of input from trusted sources, key clients and partners, and have consequently undergone a rebranding initiative. Launched on the 1st July 2018, LexX Technologies is the new Company name for the previously named 1Ansah!

Our intelligent digital maintenance platform, previously called Amrit, will take on the brand LexX.

In moving to this new branding we have considered that our brand needed to reflect the exciting and highly innovative technology that we have developed and are now deploying globally. We very much anticipate our engineering and maintenance clients using the ‘check with LexX’ vernacular in their daily interactions. The brand reflects our sincere belief that our platform adds an ‘X’ factor to maintenance operations.

We thank all those who continue to show their support for and interest in our revolutionary technology. We are excited to continue to bring you LexX – Digital Intelligence For Maintenance.

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